Gabriel Conte

Social media superstar, Gabriel Conte, has been cast as one of the disciples in The Passion.

Role: Disciple

“I always thought it was a possibility that my social media could take off but I never thought it actually would. I never wanted to give up on it though.”

1.8 million Vine followers later, Gabriel Conte’s hard work and determination has allowed him to make a name for himself by doing what he has always loved – making people laugh. Creating to make others happy, Gabriel gets inspiration for his craft through everyday experiences and always trying to view life in a different and entertaining way.

From this, he has been able to expand his work and popularity across other social platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. He attributes his success to consistency and posting content regularly to keep his loyal fans engaged.

Even with his hard work, Gabriel would be nothing without his family, his friends and his faith. He accredits his greatest influences to his parents not only for all that they have done for him throughout his life, but for also instilling his passion for Jesus and teaching him how Christianity applies to his life and his ability to help others.

With his success, Gabriel has already worked with major brands including T-Mobile, Spotify and Sony and has been invited to attend coveted industry events such as the 2015 American Music Awards.

He recently made his debut with a role in “Like.Share.Follow” by Blumhouse Productions.

In any form, he hopes his art has a message that can forever leave an impact on the minds and hearts of the public.