Multi-Platinum singer-songwriter, Seal, to play Pontius Pilate in The Passion.

About Seal

Role: Pontius Pilate

Since the beginning of his career, London-born multi-platinum singer-songwriter Seal has been focused on a single creative pursuit: expressing the full experience of love through song.

An established superstar, with worldwide album sales exceeding 30 million of his eight studio albums, Seal’s inimitable voice was first heard on Adamski’s 1991 club smash “Killer,” followed by his Top 10 hit “Crazy.” On the heels of his stunning debut album, he went on to win the prestigious BRIT Award for “Best British Male” in 1992, while hits like “Kiss From a Rose,” memorably included in the Batman Forever soundtrack, earned him multiple Grammy awards and global esteem.

In November, Seal released his ninth album, 7, which reunites him with his longtime collaborator, the producer Trevor Horn.

The artist’s focus remains where it’s always been, on the many permutations of love. “I just want people to feel,” he says. No one is better suited to the task.

About his character, Pontius Pilate

Pilate’s ten-year rule as governor was filled with unrest. It was a time of oppression and riots in the streets. History says that Pilate may have stolen money from temples to build things for himself, ordering mass executions when got in his way.

Pilate was the one who would decide whether Jesus would go free or receive a death sentence. To Pilate, Jesus posed a potential threat. Jesus spoke out against oppression and man-made institutions.

It’s been said that Pilate’s wife had a dream about Jesus’ being innocent and tried to warn him not to convict.

Pilate was conflicted, but ultimately condemned Jesus to death, washing his hands of the matter and turning him over to an angry mob.

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